Melissa (Missy) Weikel has been an ordained Minister since 2014 and has been in dance ministry since 2018. Missy graduated from “Dancing For Him Ministries” with honors. She has a bachelor’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science and a Master’s in Psychology. Missy provides counseling and dance movement services as she is certified through the center of excellence in dance movement therapy. Missy is the author of two powerful books.

“Finding the dad I never had” is packed full of her life story, the trauma and abuse she suffered, and how God healed her. Missy’s Guide on “Transforming Dancing in shame to Dancing in glory” is a great guide to help those who have suffered abuse or struggle with feeling too dirty to dance. Missy has overcome trauma such as sexual abuse, PTSD from losing everything in a fire, and a horrible car accident that stole her dance movement for years. She still lives with disabilities that limit her movement, but she keeps striving forward to push her body to the ultimate level. Missy has been set free, delivered, and healed, and it is her purpose from God to help others find their purpose and be healed from worldly wounds; you can learn more at her website at