Missy’s Guide

Do you feel overwhelmed by abuse or trauma experienced throughout your life? Has it kept you in bondage and prevented you from having a relationship with your heavenly father? Would you like to learn how to dance freely for the Lord without feeling the guilt and shame of your past? In Missy’s Guide, author Melissa (Missy) Weikel offers a guide outlining the steps to move you from shame to glory through the art of dance.

Through personal stories from her early life as a stripper and her journey to dance for God’s glory, she gives encouragement and advice to women who have a fear of dancing in public. Weikel discusses:

• how, where, and when to move out from behind church;
• fun exercises to do in front of a mirror to help break the spirit of fear;
• scripture that pertains to honoring God with your body;
• how to stay upbeat and excited in videos, conferences, and events; and
• how to be truly filled with a passion of fire.


Finding the Dad I Never Had

Why do I believe God wants me to write this book? I believe I have an inspirational story of true love and what it means to be the daughter of the highest King! My story is filled with truth, and I hope it inspires people who have struggled or are struggling with many of the things I conquered with God’s help. This book reveals things that not even my family or close friends know about me—deep, dark secrets that take strength and courage to reveal to the world, and which God has promised will help heal many.